Domain Sale

At we secure domain sale transactions, please read about the requirements and restrictions:

  • Seller must be the owner or exclusive broker of all the domains for sale.
  • The maximum sale price we secure domain sales is $5,000.
  • For sales over $1,000 the buyer should verify his identity.
  • To withdraw money earned from his balance, Seller verify his identity.
  • While the buyer has not taken full ownership of the sold names, the seller is responsible to pay all the needed renewal fees to maintain the domains.
  • Buyer is responsible to pay extra fees some registry/registrars may charge in order to transfer domain ownership.

  • How does it work?

    1. Anyone can initiate a transaction via ECOP, a copy of the agreement is sent by email to the parties involved.

    2. The buyer and seller approve the agreement.

    3. The buyer pays the purchase price to ECOP, plus either half or all of the transaction fee, depending upon the agreement between the parties.

    4. If the sale price is over $1,000 then the buyer must verify his identity.

    5. The seller push all domains to the ECOP account associated with each domain registrar.

    6. ECOP verifies that all payments from buyer are received, and all domains from seller are received.

    7. Domains transfers all domains to the buyer.

    8. Funds are released to the appropriate balances.
    For sales under $1,000 (except when requested) or when it's impossible (due to some ccTLDs registry rules) the domains are transfered directly from the seller to buyer once we have received buyer's payment. We will only release money once the buyer has gained ownership of all the domains.
  • Total safety: domains and money are secured.
  • Sell as many domains as you want within the same transaction.
  • Create direct or brokered transactions.
  • Keep your income in your balance for fast further transaction payments or withdraw at will to as many targets you want.
  • Participate anonymously: your identity may only be revealed to the other party at the end of the transaction or never.
  • No risk, 100% refund if the transaction is cancelled.