Refund Policy

At we limit credit card and Paypal payments to $500 maximum, this refund policy only apply to these type of payments, there is no possible refund for wires.
Refund acceptation is based on payment date, reason and status of escrow transactions.

Payment date
Payment date must not be older than 120 days.

Refund reason
If the cause of the refund request is due to an identity theft, the fraudulent use of a credit card then we will fully refund the payment within 72H and will try to smoothly cancel the escrow transaction so there is no losses for any party involved. Otherwise the refund decision will be based on the status of the transaction.

Transaction status
If a refund is asked BEFORE the transaction started (transfer of domain(s) initiated or some payment to the other party done) then we will cancel the transaction: refund each party and send back to respective owners any domain we may have under escrow.
Otherwise no refund will be done if the transaction advancement involves there is no possibility to cancel the transaction without losses of one of the parties.

Refunding method
Refund will be always processed using the same method of payment the customer used to pay us.

Contact us to request a refund
Please use this form, give us extensive details on what motivate your request.